Chateau de bacchus

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Out of a thousand passions, there is one which has always driven me and has done for years: wine. The bright green of its vines, its slow labour, its peaceful conception and its birth which today finds its expression in the

Château de Bacchus

At the foot of Mont Ventoux, classified by Unesco as a biosphere reserve, it watches over a unique vineyard spread out at its feet. It enjoys sunshine and a variety of terroirs which, having been worked by mankind since 1615, give the wines of Bacchus their character.

Like a thunderbolt, I felt an urge to tell my story through an exceptional estate, a unique wine that expresses the daring and the passion which sustain me.

Eric Claret Tournier

The cellar

In our location between Provence and the Rhône, it is with energy and passion that we make wine worthy of the finest tables on this estate which dates from 1615.

The estate

At the foot of Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail, the Château de Bacchus dominates a plateau where the love of wine has been passed down for generations. Moreover, part of the vineyard is made up of ancient vines over 50 years old and from which fine wines are made.

With its stony, chalky and well-drained soil, the vineyard is planted with a range of regional grape varieties which characterise the «Ventoux» Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AOP).

The Château de Bacchus’ vines benefit from an exceptional orientation, abundant sunshine and a coolness at night maintained by the proximity of Mont Ventoux, factors which favour a slow ripening. Thanks to this climate, cultivation takes place naturally, thus enabling the standards of organic farming to be respected.

Chateau de Bacchus

A great wine is a terroir and mankind to bring it out.


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Signature wine


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A savoir-faire drawn from nature

Our farmed land benefits from all the care and attention required by quality agricultural practice, committed to respecting health and the environment.


Our grapes are harvested by hand when they reach an exact ripeness to retain the balance and richness of the fruit’s natural constituents.

We use vines that are over 50 years old to make fine wines.


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